Another Ain Park Planned Home listed... seeking serious restorationist

Gregory Ain Altadena - Park Planned Home - 2835 For Sale

Of the 28 homes on Highview that have yet to be restored, a few of them are probably more daunting as projects than others. One of these "this takes some commitment" homes just got listed last week, and we are all crossing our fingers the right buyer with the right eye can see how to take this place back to its original footprint and open aesthetic. It's hard to know if the price is right, but it is a foreclosure, so some negotiating is very likely possible. I'd say bring your contractor and snatch this puppy up before somebody who thinks they can Home Depot it comes in with a "flip" vision in their head. And besides, there are several neighbors very willing to help answer questions and open their homes to show you how it CAN be versus how it is right now. If you are interested, feel free to send me a message and I can tell you what I know about the work involved in this.


  1. Our family lived at 2835 highview from late 1950's until 1965. During that time their were 64 kids (baby boomers). Everyone knew everyone else. It was a mixed race block and we all got along. My neighbor, Mr. Smith drew the 1964 poster for sickle cell anemia wich had me (white), and his son (black) for the poster. Most did not lock their doors at night. And we could be anywhere, and at anyones house as long as we came home when the street lights came on. I think the home prices soared to over $20,000 by then!!!

  2. Great Write Mark! I Still have that Original Print. Actually we got 2841 for 28000 in 1962. I am still in touch with lot of the kids on the street, Tafts,Simpsons, Keceniuc


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