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the ain renaissance continues...

Slowly but surely, we're seeing some changes on the street.  If you've not been around in a while, please come take a look as there are lots of upgrades and restorations to the original Gregory Ain designs currently at play.  New driveways have been paved (getting rid of the poorly maintained asphalt and even older concrete), new gardens have been planted (maybe not Garret Eckbo, but certainly inspired by our current water situation and the aesthetics of a modern garden), and fresh sanding and painting are happening up and down the street.  And you know what, it's a great place to live.  I can't believe how many kids are resident on Highview now, but it's great.  The pride is emerging in fun and unpredictable ways, and I'm so proud to be a ten-year member of Park Planned Homes. Time flies!

Since I can only manage to make a post once a year now (last time was nearly to the day!), I might as well make it somewhat worthwhile, right?  Well, unfortunately the posti…

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